FC AFC Kerrybrook's Goodtime Girl and handler Pat Nolan

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The Pride of the Kerrybrook Line
The following is a list of highlights from dogs past and present, bred from our program.

A Sampling of the Labradors that came from Kerrybrook
CH. Franklin's Pickpocket for Kerrybrook MH
CH. Kerrybrook's Vince MH
CH. Kerrybrook's Talbot JH
FC AFC Kerrybrook's Goodtime Girl
OTCH Kerrybrook's Huyana Stormee, UDX3, OM2, RE
Kerrybrook's Drake Can Do MH -- Champion Pointed
Kerrybrook's Knight Hawk MH -- Champion Pointed
Kerrybrook's In High Spirits MH MNH5 QAA Amateur Points
Kerrybrook's Magical Atticus MH MNH
Kerrybrook's, III MH QAA
Kerrybrook's I'm Sam MH QAA
Kerrybrook's Radar Contact MH QAA
Kerrybrook's Gator Bait QAA
MHR Kerrybrook's All Jazz'd Up MH
Kerrybrook's All Riled Up MH
Kerrybrook's Gunning for Scout MH
Kerrybrook's Hold Back De Sea MH
Kerrybrook's Lone Maverick MH
Kerrybrook's Luck of the Draw MH
Kerrybrook's Sable Minx MH
Kerrybrook's Streak MH
Kerrybrook's Tabloid MH
Kerrybrook's Automatic SH
Kerrybrook's Baffin Bay SH
Kerrybrook's Black Bennelli SH
Kerrybrook's Independence SH
Kerrybrook's Key to Birchill SH
Kerrybrook's Leila SH
Kerrybrook's Red White & Blue SH
Kerrybrook's Rock Star SH
Kerrybrook's Solo Flight SH
Kerrybrook's Top Gunner SH
Kerrybook's Walker Daniels SH
Int'l CH. Cashmans GoodTime Charlie Of Kerrybrook SH
Kerrybrook's By Chance JH
Kerrybrook's Caley JH
Kerrybrook's Connor JH
Kerrybrook's Double Duty JH
Kerrybrook's Dusty JH
Kerrybrook's Eleanor East of the River JH
Kerrybrook's Hiwood Hilda JH
Kerrybrook's Kizzy of DanDee JH
Kerrybrook's March to the Sea JH
Kerrybrook's Nathan Hale JH
Kerrybrook's Royal Pendragon JH
Kerrybrook's Willowtree Tess JH
SR Doindogs Ada of Kerrybrook CDX JH WC
Kerrybrook's Fife And Drum CDX RE NAP NJP

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To Nikita, a Pete daughter, who finished her Master Hunter Title at 2 1/2 years of age with five qualifying scores in six attempts. Nicely done!

Did you know?
Chris Wincek published a book on the Labrador Retriever in Japan. You can click here to read more, but you'll need to know how to read Japanese!